An EHR for Everyone

More EHR experience is valuable for students

Students are tired of pretending

  • Paper cases and class discussions don’t cut it
  • Restricted by privacy and patient security concerns
  • Limited access, limits learning

Students should graduate with 4 years of EHR experience

  • 2018 was first of many graduating classes at Indiana University using a teaching EMR
  • Over 3000 students from 10+ schools and healthcare organizations
  • 12K+ real patients in EHR psuedononymized and access to millions more

Experience curriculum in an EHR with real patients today

The opportunity to transform education on your campus is now only a few clicks away.

5 Ways Top Educators Use an EHR in the Classroom

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Anytime. Anyplace. Educators and Students connect to the EHR for learning when they need it and where they need it.

Extensive Patient Database

The power to teach Population Health, or the simplicity to focus on just a few patients. Everything inside one application.


Extremely Flexible

Built by educators for educators to meet the specific needs of your program’s curriculum.

Safe & Secure

Readable patient records without sacrificing patient privacy and safety.

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Interested in how one of the largest medical schools is using an EHR in their classrooms across their 9 campus locations? Or just want to talk with someone about the possibilities of bringing an EHR to your program. Please contact a Regenstrief Institute representative today!