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Upcoming EHR Clinical Learning Platform Event: AMIA 2017 in Washington DC November 4-8, 2017

A sneak peak of the upcoming events for the Teaching EMR at the AMIA Annual Symposium. Blaine will be joined by Dr. William Hersh and Dr. Paul Gorman both from Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Anderson Spickard from Vanderbilt University will also be on the panel. Kevin Heckman will be there for Dr. Susan Skochelak from the American Medical Association (AMA).

The Regenstrief Institute’s research scientist Dr. Blaine Takesue will be presenting at the AMIA Annual Symposium in November. Blaine and Dr. Deb Litzelman developed our EHR Clinical Learning Platform (Teaching EMR) back in 2013 as part of a grant with the American Medical Association’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education (ACE) for the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSOM). The virtual EHR was developed for the IUSOM with the help of the Regenstrief Institute where Drs. Litzelman and Takesue are Research Scientists.

EHRs in Informatics Education

Their presentation will be on Innovations in Medical Education that are occurring within the AMA (American Medical Associations) Accelerating Change in Medical Education (ACE) program. Oregan Health & Science University, Vanderbilt, and Indiana University are each one of the founding consortia schools for ACE of the 11 schools that each received the grant.

The panel topic that the team will be presenting on is “Clinical Informatics in Medical Education: Innovations from the AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education Initiative.”

There presentation to the Clinical Informatics community in attendance answer the following (per the AMIA abstract):

“Describe the approaches and lessons learned from efforts to implement clinical informatics education in medical school curricula in the context of the American Medical Association initiative, Accelerating Change in Medical Education.”

“Discuss the competencies, tools, and evaluation of efforts to build knowledge and skills in clinical informatics for healthcare professionals generally.”

The full abstract for their panel is available at this link.


Blaine will also be presenting at the AMIA Annual Symposium on the “Creating a Cluster of Preclinical Lessons Using Pharmacogenomic-Focused Patient Case Presentations.”

Blaine will be joined by the following individuals from Indiana and Regenstrief:

Maureen Harrington, Indiana University School of Medicine
Bradley Allen, Indiana University School of Medicine
Debra Litzelman, Regenstrief Institute
Paul Dexter, Regenstrief Institute

One the great features of the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform is that we can use the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) within the platform to deliver prompts and alerts around pharmacogenomic information. Within these patient cases, Blaine will demonstrate how we deliver relevant alerts to the user and how other programs might teach on pharmacogenomics.

From Blaine’s abstract:

“An early translational benefit from the precision medicine initiative is utilizing pharmacogenomic data to direct patient pharmacotherapy. Although pharmacogenomic-based therapeutic decisions are becoming more common, many providers are not familiar with the issues pertinent to genomics-based medication ordering. We created patient care vignettes utilizing pharmacogenomic-based decision support alerts to help health professions students learn about the topics they will need to consider when ordering medication based on a patient’s genomic profile. We leveraged these vignettes to tie in discussions of genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology for medical students during their pre-clinical training. For this presentation, we will walk through a student’s experience with one of these vignettes.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, Blaine hopes that participants will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the functionality of the Teaching EMR
  • Explain why clinical decision support will be necessary for translating pharmacogenomic data to clinical care
  • Describe how pharmacogenomic clinical vignettes could be an introduction to discussion of other pre-clinical sciences including biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, and physiology

The full abstract for their panel is available at this link.

A lot of great content will be presented at AMIA. If you can attend the panel or Blaine’s presentation on pharmacogenomics within the EHR Clinical Learning Platform, please do. We would love to see you.

So, if you are going to be at the conference on November 4th-8th, please stop in and listen to their panel and presentation. Learn from the panel about how EHRs are used in informatics education. Hear from the platform (Blaine) developer and other approaches taken by programs to incorporate EHRs in medical education.

Learn More about EHRs in Education

If you want to see how other programs are developing curricula around our EHR, you can get it here at our site. It demonstrates just a jumping off point for how the EHR clinical learning platform could be used in your education program. Our platform is extremely flexible and ready for your curricula.

Please let me know if you have questions or if you want to schedule a demonstration.

I would love to show you our platform and how you might be able to use it in your curricula. Click here to get started with a demo registration.

Thank you!

Brian Stout
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Regenstrief Institute – Clem McDonald Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI)

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