Regenstrief Team at ChangeMedEd 2017: Inside the Solution Center

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Our team spent 5 days in Chicago the week of September 10th at the ChangeMedEd 2017 conference. The American Medical Association has put on the conference every other year since 2013. This year more than 450 industry professionals from medical education gathered together to discuss the medical education program we have today and the one we need for the future. They kicked off each day with keynotes from Jeff DeGraff and David Nash. The Creative Power of Constructive Conflict Keynote by Jeff DeGraff Conflict within the team is good according to Jeff DeGraff in his presentation based on his book “The Innovation Code.” We are all unique in our approach to work and how we live. DeGraff talked about how we must use those differences within organizations in order to create and innovate. According to DeGraff, we tend to be Artists, Engineers, Athletes, or Sages. […]

One in a Million: Unique Patients Promote Learning

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First-of-its-kind EHR Platform We created one of the first Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems in 1972. Think about that statement for a minute. We have patients in our Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR) that are celebrating their 45th birthday. We are celebrating the same age of 45 for the innovation of a system with patients who have medical records electronically as old potentially. I would like to introduce you to Faye. Faye Dugan is not her real name. It is her system-generated name that has been applied consistently across her medical history. Our Faye turned 45 on Sunday (April 16th, 2017). Happy belated birthday Faye! The real patient that this data is based on did not celebrate their birthday on Sunday. We shift dates to protect their privacy and the security of the data. We have access to over a million patients […]

Preparing Students to Use an EHR Today

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The field of medicine is changing, and so are learning methods. Medical educators are being called on to teach and quickly prepare students for clinical practice with new formats and tools that enhance learning. Many schools are revisiting their current curriculum and looking at changes to their four-year medical education programs. The centuries-old large lecture-based classrooms are being replaced. Now more collaborative, team-based, and technology-enhanced learning environments that simulate clinical practice for shorter periods of time are replacing traditional medical classes. The team at the Regenstrief Institute is thrilled to be part of that change. We are partnering with forward-thinking organizations like the American Medical Association to help accelerate the change by building software solutions that promote clinical learning on Day 1.

What’s in a Name

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We spent some time with members of the American Medical Association’s Marketing (Branding and Communications) and Medical Education leadership team back in December to brainstorm and discuss changing the name of our academic EMR/EHR for Medical and Allied Health Professionals. The product has been the Teaching EMR since 2014–affectionately shortened to tEMR (pronounced Team-Ur). When I joined the team in June of 2015, I was asked to consider rebranding–it was on the leadership’s wish lists for the product long before they recruited me to commercialize their applied innovations. They shared the former names the team created before settling for the Teaching EMR (tEMR). Many were AWFUL. So bad. So, so bad. Please read on. We do need your help below. All In I didn’t know what product(s) I would be managing when I accepted the offer to join the Regenstrief Institute (RI). The Assistant Director […]

Giving Thanks: Appreciating Medical and Allied Health Professions Educators

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  Regenstrief Appreciates Medical and Allied Health Professions Educators Thank you for everything you do to improve Medical and Allied Health Professions Education! During this season of Thanksgiving, my team and I at the Regenstrief Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics want to express our deepest gratitude to you for your contributions in educating students. Thanks to you and your students, our health and the delivery of health care is getting better every day! Happy Holidays! Brian Stout & the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the TeachingEMR – tEMR) Team (formerly       First Class In 2013, the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) began a pilgrimage with our team at Regenstrief to develop an EMR learning platform for students and educators. Last Fall, the first class of medical students started using our learning EHR / EMR in their classrooms. Several other medical schools […]

Feats of Strength: Building a Strong Case for an EHR / EMR in the Classroom

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It might be challenging to get you academic medical center to open up their EHR / EMR for learning activities in the classroom. In fact, it might take a Herculean effort to make that happen for undergraduate medical students or allied health professionals that are in their first year. It should not be those extreme feats of strength to improve learning that we are tasked with today. That is why when Dr. Blaine Takesue and Dr. Deb Litzelman came up with the idea of building a “virtual health system” for students to use before entering clinical practice on the campus of Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) it captured the attention of the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA granted Dr. Takesue and Dr. Litzelman the coveted Accelerating Change in Medical Education (ACE) grant back in 2013 to bring their grant proposal to life. Now […]

Forged Pathways: How a History of Innovation is Improving Learning for Future Providers

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Sam Regenstrief had a vision. The story goes that he had a family member that was being treated in a local hospital care setting. He did not like what he saw and was determined to use his resources to make a positive change in the way we deliver health care. You see, Sam was a successful industrialist who is affectionately known as the “Dishwasher King.” Sam’s vision thrives within every research project and applied innovation that we release into the world every day here at the Institute. The infographic provided below is a small demonstration of the impact our Center for Biomedical Informatics has had the last 40+ years with great partners like Indiana University School of Medicine and Eskenazi Health (formerly Wishard). Infographic on Innovation Rich History Here are some of the highlights: Over 46 years of innovation in health care Leader in research on linking EMRs with […]

Something to RAVE About: How Rule Authoring Promotes Learning

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What is Rule Authoring in an EHR? I should probably start with a definition for rule authoring if you are not a familiar with the concept of how an EHR is able to alert or prompt physicians inside the application. I define “Rule Authoring” in EHRs as a system for creating alerts or prompts, emails, directing the user to a specific area in the application, logging an event in the application, or activating a web service when an event or action in the application occurs from a defined or specific patient(s), user(s), or encounter(s) or something else defined by users. Or simply defined, if this happens, then do this or that–but PLEASE don’t make me have to be a software programmer, talk like one, or ask one to figure that all out for me because I need it in the EHR now. Our system does […]

Exploring the Education EHR: Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR) Introduction [Video]

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A Good Place to Start The Regenstrief Institute has been known in the informatics research community for decades. I worked for a large HealthIT software company for many years and had heard about the EHR and CPOE system developed by Dr. Clem McDonald and the team at the Center for Biomedical Informatics where I work today. It simply amazes me that we have been developing and support an EHR and CPOE system since 1970’s here in Indianapolis. It is truly an EHR developed by doctors and allied health professionals for doctors and allied health professionals. I would venture to say that not many commercial vendors have MDs, RNs, and PhDs that have done and are doing the coding for their EHR/EMR. Each time Dr. Takesue, myself, or others demonstrate our application we hear a consistent theme, “I wish my EHR did that.” High praise from those […]