Drivers Wanted: Driver’s Ed for Medical & Allied Health Professions Students

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I’ve read all the articles and research on EHRs / EMRs in the classroom over the last couple of years. The information all points to students wanting more time behind the wheel of an EHR before they graduate. While it has been increasing over the last decade incrementally, we are still not doing enough as educators to prepare them for entering clerkship and ultimately clinical practice. Why? Cost: Cost absolutely is a factor if you want to dial into the EHR / EMR in your local academic medical center or surrounding health system. Risk: Layer on top of that access concerns for patient privacy, security, and oversight for the prior. Yes, these are great concerns for any team. Content: Curricula can be a concern. If the school is currently not using curricula with a virtual EHR with their students there is a time and resource commitment to […]

EHR Presentation from Stage

Redefining Medical Education Using Technology: Spring 2017 Medicine X Event at Stanford University

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Stanford’s Medicine X Spring event 2017 The Medicine X Spring event took place on April 22-23, 2017 at the Li Ka Shing Center, Stanford University. The goal of the event was to bring patients, providers, researchers, industry leaders, designers, technologists and medical educators together to discuss the future of healthcare and to improve medical education. One of our Regenstrief research scientists and medical educators at Indiana University School of Medicine was asked to present on how we are using our EHR Clinical Learning Platform (also known as the Teaching Electronic Medical Record (tEMR)) to shape the future of MedEd. Included below are some highlights from his “Ted X style” oral presentation with other leaders who shared about redefining medical education using technology. Dr. Blaine Takesue’s presentation topic was “The Regenstrief Teaching Electronic Medical Record: Using an Everyday Clinical Tool for Learning and Evaluation.” Blaine Takesue, MD […]

Graduating with 4 Years of EHR Experience

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‘Tis the season for graduation. Over 18,000 MD students and over 5,000 DO students will adorn a cap and gown and complete their hooding ceremony this May. How many of those +23K doctors will be graduating with four years of real EHR experience? Not many, but should it matter. The opportunity to change medical education is only a few clicks away. On the recent AMA webinar (last month on April–if you want to watch the replay, click here) We know that from Dr. Maya Hammound’s portion of the presentation that: EHRs are being used in more than 90% of practices Medical students are often restricted from meaningfully utilizing the EHR–often entering residencies without adequate preparation to use them effectively Students’ EHR skills do not improve as they progress through their clinical year Students want more training and the ability to document in EHRs   So, […]