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A very warm “Welcome!” from the team here at the Center for Biomedical Informatics at the Regenstrief Institute.

The power of connected networks, excellent search tools or good old-fashioned word-of-mouth has helped bring you to our Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR) site today to explore and discover what we and others are doing to enhance medical education.

Please actively contribute to this community so we can all improve provider education. Better prepared students provide better care, which leads to better health.

This blog post is my first of many. We will be discussing all the great activities at the Regenstrief Institute (RI) around improving medical education through the use of an EHR / EMR in the classroom and connect you with our research around health care delivery science.

If you’re an educator that is looking for transformative tools to improve education for your students, and you are doing research on EHR options for your program, you’re in the right place.

Your interest, interactions, and contributions around topics, such as the value of EHRs / EMRs in the classroom, are greatly appreciated by myself and the team.

Opportunity for Change

New Regenstrief Institute Building (Nov 2015)

There are significant opportunities for change in provider education today. Each morning I get to come into our new offices at the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis Indiana and work with a talented and passionate team with a mission to improve care and education through tools like the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR). The great research and tools that we produce here, in turn, help educators and providers like yourself do what you love–improve student learning and care for the patient populations that you serve. So, indirectly I’m part of the greater ecosystem that is improving health care for patients today and through the preparation of future providers. I’m humbled by the tremendous opportunity and privilege to work with such a dedicated group of partners, team members, and community in health care.

As the software product manager for the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR), I have the responsibility for helping shape the direction we take with the product and working with great partners and collaborators like the Indiana University School of Medicine, Eskenazi Health, American Medical Association, and many others. All provide valuable contributions and support for transforming education through the development and use of our software application for students and educators.

Are you using an EHR / EMR in the classroom today?

If you are like most programs, the answer to that question can be somewhat of a loaded question. I have heard from many schools a variety of answers on how and when they are introducing and using an electronic health (or medical) record (EHR / EMR) system with their students.

Today, the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform from the Regenstrief Institute is being used in medical education, but other Provider and other Allied Health programs have expressed a strong interest in bringing our application to their students. We feel the exposure to students sooner in their education will improve their ability to provide better care in the future. We are not alone in this mission to transform medical education using technology-enhanced learning solutions.

We do hope you will join our community we are building around EHRs / EMRs in the classroom and ultimately the advancement of health care delivery science.

Please register to stay informed on the great work we are doing and contribute to the community we are building here at ClinicalLearning.how or EHR.how (formerly at teachingemr.org).

Our collaborators like the American Medical Association (AMA) believe in our mission to enhance education for students through the use of tools like the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR). In fact, they have been a catalyst for bringing the application to medical education programs. I will be sharing more in the future about our growing collaboration with them and others.

So, how familiar are you with our story at Regenstrief?

I was reminded this morning while talking with our lead engineer, Josh, on the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR) that we are not just researchers or a software business, but that we have developed and worked on an actual Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EMR. I sometimes forget that simple fact. A few feet away sits teams of people that develop, manage, and support the EHR / EMR & CPOE system that our provider education EHR is originally built upon. Of course, we have added to it and improved the EHR to better serve the education community.

We crafted the Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform out of an enterprise-grade commercial EHR that is still used in practice today on the hospital campus just a short walk away. In fact, I just returned from having lunch on the hospital campus a few moments ago. The original education use case was for our partners at the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM) for their AMA grant on Accelerating Change in Medical Education that began in 2013. The five-year grant is ending its second year, and we went live with the EHR application on August 10th with about 350 second-year medical students at IUSM.

If you are curious how you might use an EHR in your curriculum, IUSM has been generous enough to share a sample of the type of curriculum that might spark your creativity for your program’s curriculum. Follow the sample curriculum links to see for yourself.

EHR & CPOE Innovation at Regenstrief

The Regenstrief Institute has a long-standing history of innovation in EHR and CPOE systems. In fact, our EHR is built on one of the first EHRs for providers. Over the coming weeks and years, we will share more about the storied EHR development and our future vision for tools for providers. Team members here at the Regenstrief Institute will share their stories from the front lines of innovation in the EHR & CPOE system development and the new pathways our research is creating for how we look at health care delivery science. You will be getting a sneak peek into what it takes to develop and maintain an EHR & CPOE system when you join our community.

Does it matter how and when students use an EHR during their education?

If you are going to educate future providers using the tools that they will use in clinical practice, it is helpful that future providers use the same applications used to treat real patients, right? We firmly believe that how you “practice” contributes to how you will perform in clinical practice.

The same is true of the value of real patient data without having the concerns for privacy and risk to patients. From our experience, patient records that are synthesized are missing the genuineness that enhances learning from using real records. Plus, the team and I will share a lot about our rigorous process to produce readable records while de-identifying and misidentifying patient records in the EHR & CPOE system.

Also, educators have told us that they want to have an extensive amount of patients to choose from to teach students based on their curriculum goals and objectives. We are starting with over 10,000 patients in our EHR. I’m certain that will open ample opportunities for key learning objectives. Other programs want the flexibility to use only a few patients, so we addressed that in the SaaS application as well.

Finally, we will be discussing and seeking your input on the tools for educators and administrators necessary to facilitate learning. We have already built many great tools for students and teachers to communicate within the EHR, but we are looking for your input as well.

Our Promise to the Community

This site will have an active community of contributors moving forward. We look forward to your contributions. We will make available a couple new posts each week to the community in addition to the discussion threads for registered community members around the topics you care about most. Join your peers transforming medical education by getting started by registering today.

Thank you for investing your valuable time today!
Brian Stout
Sr. Product Manager – Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR)
Regenstrief Insitute
Center for Biomedical Informatics




About the Author

Brian Stout is a senior leader in marketing and product at the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis. He is an authority on using EHRs in Medical and Allied Professions Education. He leads product for one of the nation’s most seasoned (since 1972) and innovative electronic health record platforms in the country. An advocate for learning and professional development,┬áhe is continuing his education with a Masters in Data Science from Indiana University in the Fall of 2017. You can follow him on Twitter @TeachingEMR and LinkedIn or other social platforms under ThinkStout.