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Closing the Skills Gap in Traditional Medical Education

Bridging the gap in traditional medical education for the skills that future providers will need using modern adult learning practices and technology is going to take massive effort–just like our snail friend in the picture above. To some in medical education, the pace of change might not be fast enough.

We believe all of that is about to change here at the Regenstrief Institute.


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In a recent article by EHR Intelligence, they interviewed our very own Dr. Blaine Takesue. In the article, Blaine describes the gap between what we traditionally teach medical students and “the skills they’ll need as residents and practicing physicians.” This skills gap we are addressing with our EHR Clinical Learning Platform is why the AMA is collaborating with us to improve the way learning takes place on campuses around the country.

More Than an EHR

We developed the platform around an EHR. So, it is more than just the 10K+ anonymized patients and the electronic health record and physician ordering system. When educators see it in practice, they discover the evaluation tools that are baked right into the learning platform. Blaine said in the EHR Intelligence article, “What’s also become apparent is the ability of the system to do learner evaluations. By looking at the actions a learner takes within the system, like continuing the right medications, curriculum teams can assess if students have the right knowledge to care for patients — at least virtually.” We are here to help you and your program deliver better learning experiences to your students using seamless technology solutions in your curricula.

The application is web-based, so getting started is super simple. The technology should not be a hurdle for programs to get over in order to improve medical education. We have addressed that and are working to make that even easier for schools.

The curricula tools for educators and administrators allow for ongoing creation and delivery of valuable content to students. We have even developed some cases for schools to get started with during their onboarding. We so many patients available for learning, the curricular possibilities are endless. We help programs get started and keep improving their curricula with our team of specialists who have been supporting health system EHRs for several decades.

“The primary goal is to improve the skill set kids graduate with. We’re not trying to train them on how to use our system. We want to train them on how to use any EHR,” said Blaine in the article.

While the pace of change can sometimes seem slow, our team here at the Regenstrief Institute’s Clem McDonald Center for Biomedical Informatics are here to support you across the chasm. Together we can close the gap and improve how medical education is delivered.

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I would love to answer any questions that you might have concerning our platform. Each week I have an “Office Hours” webinar for interested educators, administrators, students, and EHR enthusiasts where I answer your questions about the platform, curricula, and the future of EHRs in education–and beyond. Please join me if you are interested in learning more.

I look forward to connecting at events like #ChangeMedEd 2017, through email, on a webinar, or using a good old-fashioned telephone conversation.

Let’s answer questions like, “Wouldn’t it be great if…” about closing the skills gap in medical education together.

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Brian Stout
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Regenstrief Institute – Clem McDonald Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI)



About the Author

Brian Stout is a senior leader in marketing and product at the Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis. He is an authority on using EHRs in Medical and Allied Professions Education. He leads product and builds amazing learning platforms for one of the nation’s most seasoned (since 1972) and innovative electronic health records in the country. An advocate for learning and professional development, he is continuing his education with a Masters in Data Science from Indiana University. You can follow him on Twitter @TeachingEMR and LinkedIn or other social platforms under ThinkStout.