The Teaching Electronic Medical Record (tEMR)


This page houses a library of both video tutorials and text documentation to    help guide you through the process of writing orders electronically.


 To view, click on the buttons below to view the tutorials and text documents.

Below you will find topics to help Med Students write orders, look up patient information, document findings and communicate with your instructors via  reflection notes and feedback.

  • Find your lessons
  • Find your patients
  • Write Reflection notes
  • Viewing Data Entered
  • View Cost Data
  • View Feedback
  • Download and print notes and feedback

Student- Toolkit

How to log on and select patients

Saving orders to be signed later & discarding orders before they are signed

Navigating the Patient Landing

Documenting Allergies and Reactions

Write Outpatient orders for Labs, Referrals and Consults

  • Diagnosis & problem list entry
  • Orders for Labs / tests
  • Consults / referrals

Write outpatient Medication orders

  • Diagnosis & problem list entry
  • Notes
  • Drug orders
  • Sign and Save

Using Snowmed and ICD9 / ICD10 Codes

How to print Handouts and write letters

Change the note label from "visit Note-Gopher"

Looking up patient information in

Chart Search

Info panel


Mini Chart

How to find patient demographic and insurance information

Finding, viewing and printing Pediatric Growth Charts

Identifying the role of Report Authors in View Chart

Viewing Images

Using "Pharmacy Orders" in View Chart


Using the Active

 Med List

Using the OpenInfoButton

How to turn off printing

How to delete a draft

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