The Gopher Order Entry program is designed to assist Medical Assistants, Dietitians and Social Workers to enter notes, record lab results, vital signs and other important patient data.


The links on the page are tutorials and text documents to help assist in writing notes and recording results in the application.


To view, click on the "Video" button. To view text documentation, click on the "Text" button.

Medical Assistants, Social Workers and Dietitians

How to log on and select patients

Change your observations note label from "Tech Note"

Change the note label from "visit Note-Gopher"

Addending your notes

How to void a note written in error

Note Templates

How to use notes templates

How to create your own notes templates

Editing notes templates

How to correct Observations entered in error

Entering a Family Health History in Observations

How to enter Observations

Entering Immunization Data into Observations

Looking up patient information in

Chart Search

Info panel


Mini Chart

How to find patient demographic and insurance information

Finding, viewing and printing Pediatric Growth Charts

Identifying the role of Report Authors in View Chart

Viewing Images

Using the Active

 Med List

Setting your Specialty in the system

Using the Team List

Using the OpenInfoButton

How to turn off printing

How to delete a draft

Version 1.9

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