One in a Million: Unique Patients Promote Learning

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First-of-its-kind EHR Platform We created one of the first Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems in 1972. Think about that statement for a minute. We have patients in our Regenstrief EHR Clinical Learning Platform (formerly the Teaching EMR) that are celebrating their 45th birthday. We are celebrating the same age of 45 for the innovation of a system with patients who have medical records electronically as old potentially. I would like to introduce you to Faye. Faye Dugan is not her real name. It is her┬ásystem-generated name that has been applied consistently across her medical history. Our Faye turned 45 on Sunday (April 16th, 2017). Happy belated birthday Faye! The real patient that this data is based on did not celebrate their birthday on Sunday. We shift dates to protect their privacy and the security of the data. We have access to over a million patients […]