Feature Rich: First Time Users Get An Upgrade

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I had to travel quite a bit for my old role with a healthcare IT organization. That meant that I spent a significant amount of precious time in hotels and airports. If you have had to do much travel in your life, then you might value (like I do) the little things like an upgrade. A Little Smarter, A lot Easier The world around us is getting more intelligent. Wouldn’t you agree? Everything is “smart” or at least is getting smarter with age. We like to think hereĀ at the Regenstrief Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics that we are building those smarts into our EHR learning platform. Our development team has done just that with our latest release v2.2.5. In our last release, we’ve made it simpler for users not to have to remember another login and password with our single sign-on capabilities. Now we have […]